Bob's Mellor Mill Diary

Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday October 20th 2013

It has been a fine weekend and a great opportunity to move some of the spoil heaps out of the way of the dig. So having collected a 1.5 ton digger from Wright Hire I arrived at the mill site at 9am on Saturday and by 4pm had managed to shift about 100 tons of spoil from the Engine House area.  On Sunday it was a similar routine only this time to move some of the temporary spoil heaps to their final destination, near to the road, from where they will eventually be removed off site.  I think there is going to be about 9,000 tons of spoil to take away through the course of the project with a further 3,000 tons being used on site for landscaping. 

On Sunday whilst digging away we discovered what appears to be some of the original kerb, to the drive, on the forecourt of the mill (see photograph).  It is always exciting to find a new feature especially one like this which was quickly uncovered and cleaned up.  Here is hoping for many more dry and sunny weekends throughout the winter months.  We have now reduced our, on site, guides' hours to Sundays from 10.30am to 1pm and 1pm to 3.30pm until the lighter days return in the Spring.

Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday September 29th 2013

(from the archives, early days at the Northern End, September 29th 2013)

All Steamed Up at Mellor Mill...........................

We are in that pregnant pause between the submission of our bid to The Heritage Lottery Fund and the panel’s decision.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
The project has been running, on limited resources, for two years and we have built up a ‘head of steam’ which we don’t want to lose. Our volunteers have been stoical in their toils to identify all the buildings and features at the Mellor Mill site in order for a definitive survey to be carried out as part of the HLF Stage 2 submission.  The survey completed and our bid safely deposited with HLF we were determined that we would carry on with the excavations as if the HLF award had been made.

At the end of July we found ourselves starting to excavate at the northern extremity of the main Mill complex.This is the boiler house and the steam engine house.  A building, constructed in 1860, which is detached from the main Mill, housed the Lancashire Boiler and two horizontal steam engines, manufactured by Goodfellows of Hyde.  We started to investigate the depression where the building once stood but now was only showing the top few inches of the long engine holding down bolts above the debris and dense undergrowth.

Early on we uncovered what, at first, was thought to be the boiler flue but this seemed to be in the wrong location. The latest interpretation is that it is an economizer providing pre-heated water to the boilers to save on fuel.

In 1877 we find the original steam engines put up for sale and the following is the sale notice from the Manchester Guardian
Manchester Guardian1877 Dec 18 p7

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Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday July 21st 2013

Whilst excavating in the coal store area, of the boiler house, we came across some unlikely bits of car.  We have a steering box, a brake and clutch pedal and part of a steering rack.  After much deliberation, maybe 30 seconds, the general consensus was that they are unlikely to be contemporaneous with the coal store!!

Drain in coal store area

A rather more exciting find was this drain in the coal store area. (left) It had been carefully blocked off using black mortar and that had ensured it was well preserved from the elements.  The boiler and engine house have proved to be very exciting and considerably more complex that had been anticipated.

Fire Bar

This part of a 'Fire Bar' (right) was discovered in the Boiler House.  These would have been slotted in under the boiler to form a base for the coal fire. Dr. John Glithero identified and cleaned up the fire bar. Dr. Glithero is past president of the Manchester Association of Engineers.


Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday June 30th 2013

Things are moving on at Mellor Mill

We have now settled down after submitting our stage 2 bid to HLF. We will hear the result in September.

The focus now is to complete the first building. That is the Boiler House and Engine House at the North end of the main Mill Complex.  You will see from the photographs that things are moving on very well with much of the engine beds and the boiler supporting brickwork already exposed and ready for conservation.

There have been ten students from Aquinas on work experience down at the mill this week, plus the weekenders workers, together they made much progress, thanks.

We still meet at the site every Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm for volunteer sessions.

Look forward to seeing you down there.

The following video is trial video, we hope to incorporate more videos on the website.

The Chris Mann video of the Official Opening of the Wellington Wheel Pit  can be seen on the website here

Bob's Mill Diary - Sunday May 26th 2013

The last couple of weekends has seen a lot of progress being made at  the NNE corner of the mill and further over into the Boiler House and Engine House.  The weather has been quite kind to us at weekends and just like the wild garlic our volunteer numbers grew! Now that the stage 2 HLF bid has been submitted I am able to settle back down to the practicalities.  Whatever the outcome of the bid we will be sticking to our programme in terms of the areas of the site we excavate.  Area 'A' - the main mill site - will be our first focus with areas 'B' - the ancillary buildings by the river - and area 'C' - Mellor Lodge - will follow on once all excavation and conservation work has been completed at 'A'. There is much to do and still a lot to discover.


Base of the brick chimney which once ran up the hillside behind the mill Back wall of mill is revealed Volunteers work on the huge stone steam engine beds

The flue of the economiser which pre-heated the water entering the boilers and thus saved coal

Back wall of the mill

Volunteers work on the huge stone steam engine beds

footnote: In 1860 a new building, at the northern end of the main mill building, was constructed to house two steam engines and boilers, installed by Benjamin Goodfellow, a Hyde engineer, from this building a long tunnel flue connected to a chimney, up the hill behind. The installation of steam was such a notable event that a celebration dinner was held in the Navigation Inn, Marple, after the trial run of the boilers and engines, for managers and overlookers.